Employers & Community

How Can Employers Benefit?

Employers can benefit from sending employees to the Covington Academy of Heritage Trades by enhancing their skill set. This investment can result in a specialized workforce capable of preserving and maintaining historical structures, potentially reducing maintenance costs and ensuring compliance with preservation standards. Additionally, employees may gain a deeper understanding of architectural history and craftsmanship, fostering a sense of pride and expertise that can positively impact their work and the company's reputation.

How Can the Community Benefit?

The community benefits from the Covington Academy of Heritage Trades through increased participation in historic building renovation as it contributes to the preservation of cultural heritage. The Academy creates job opportunities, stimulates the local economy, and attracts tourism. Revitalized historic buildings can become community landmarks, fostering a sense of identity and pride. Furthermore, the Academy increases community engagement and promotes a collaborative spirit among residents. Overall, the Academy will lead to a more vibrant and culturally rich community.

How to Support Us

  • Financial Contributions: Giving donations and supporting grants to fund the establishment and ongoing operation of the Academy.
  • Expertise Sharing: Providing advice and collaboration from professionals in historic building restoration to shape the curriculum and ensure the Academy’s relevance to industry standards.
  • Networking: Connecting the Academy with other organizations, businesses, and individuals interested in preserving cultural heritage and historic architecture.
  • Volunteerism: Volunteering with the Academy to assist in various aspects, such as organizing events, promoting the Academy, or providing hands-on support.
  • Advocacy: Generating community support by raising awareness about the importance of the Academy and the benefits of our work in historic preservation.
  • Partnerships: Fostering partnerships with local educational institutions, preservation societies, and other relevant industry associations at the Academy.
  • Promotion: Donating efforts with social media, local newspapers, and community events to promote the Academy and garner public interest.

Combining financial, intellectual, and community resources can significantly bolster the success of the Covington Academy of Heritage Trades.