Prospective Students


The endeavor of historic renovation is a fervent commitment to preserving stories etched in architecture. It's a profound love for the soul of old buildings, a dedication to breathing new life into antiquity. It's an art form, a dance with history, where every weathered brick and creaking floorboard whispers tales of bygone eras. Passionate renovators are custodians of heritage, meticulously mending the fabric of time. It's not merely construction; it's a dialogue with the past, an unwavering belief that behind every cracked wall lies a narrative worth retelling. Historic renovation is a symphony of passion, resonating with echoes from centuries past.

Prerequisites & Curriculum

The Academy prerequisites include attending an introductory course covering the various components of historic renovation. The curriculum covers all stages of bringing a historic building back to life and offers options to learn individual components as well. Students can select courses in mechanicals, plaster, masonry, windows, roofing, and box gutters as well as structural stabilization and demolition. Real life learning lab courses at historic buildings immerse enrollees in real-world projects, honing skills in structural analysis, material conservation, and adaptive reuse. Graduates emerge equipped with a profound skillset in the entire process of renovation or project-based skills, armed with the expertise to safeguard architectural legacies while navigating contemporary challenges in the dynamic field of historic renovation.

Faculty, Facilities & Resources

The Academy boasts a distinguished faculty, comprised of seasoned preservationists. Their expertise spans all phases of historic preservation.  State-of-the-art facilities include actual historic buildings, classrooms, and hands on labs. The use of historic materials and incorporating new materials in a way to match the old enriches student learning. The Academy cultivates partnerships with the Building Industry Association of Northern Kentucky, Enzweiler Building Institute, and local urban governments, offering students hands-on experiences and networking opportunities. Cutting-edge technology enhances practical skills. With a commitment to experiential learning, the Academy provides a rich environment where students immerse themselves in the art and science of preserving cultural heritage.

Industry Connections & Employment Opportunity

The Academy acts as a gateway to a thriving industry, fostering invaluable connections and diverse employment opportunities. Through partnerships with the Building Industry Association of Northern Kentucky, Enzweiler Building Institute and partners in local urban governments, students gain hands-on experience and build a network of professionals. Alumni may find rewarding careers in the preservation trades or simply be better equipped to care for their own historic home. The industry's demand for skilled professionals continues to grow, offering graduates pathways to contribute to the restoration of historic landmarks, urban revitalization, and cultural heritage management. The Academy’s robust network and practical curriculum ensure graduates are well-positioned for success in the dynamic and fulfilling field of historic renovation.