Program Offerings

Introductory Weekend

A 12-hour overview required to start any program

Get an in-person look at our Living Lab space located on Madison Avenue, and learn about the varied topics covered in our programs. Introductory weekends are offered for $250 and are required for program enrollment.

In-Depth Programs

Box Gutters

74 hours | 5 weeks

Restoring the box gutters found in most historic buildings is a critical step in preserving the structure. In this course, students will learn to work with both metal and wood to rebuild and repair box gutters. This course includes a strong emphasis on safety.

Historic Masonry

96 hours | 7 weeks

This course teaches the fine arts of re-tucking, relaying, and restoring stone, brick, and other hard exterior surfaces. Students will learn techniques to match the old materials while cleaning and preserving the existing masonry.

Interior Carpentry

110 hours | 8 weeks

This is a diverse class in which students will explore all facets of the wood structures inside historic buildings. Students will master the use of a variety of hand tools and machines as they repair, rebuild, and replace both structural and decorative wood.


86 hours | 6 weeks

Topics in this course include techniques to repair cracks and holes throughout the historic property. In addition, students will address the repair and restoration of decorative plaster.

Historic Painting

86 hours | 7 weeks

Special care must be taken when painting historic structures. This course will teach students the proper process from start to finish – beginning with removal of old exterior paint and ending with the application of topcoats.

Stained & Decorative Glass

98 hours | 7 weeks

One of the most anticipated classes for the CAHT addresses the proper repair and preservation of stained and decorative glass. In this detailed course, students will learn how to safely remove the glass, repair it, mend issues in sashes, and reinstall the glass.

Historic Window Restoration & Weatherization

122 hours | 9 weeks

In this course, students will take apart wood windows, completely restore and rebuild them, refinish them, then learn how to install them. The course also includes a detailed examination of the process of weatherization of historic windows.

Wood Floors

74 hours | 5 weeks

Wood floors are a hallmark feature of many historic buildings. In this course, students will learn the process of patching and repairing old floors to bring them to their former glory.